2018 Dodge Stealth Machines, Colors, Price and Release Date

Tuesday, April 18th 2017. Dodge
By Lia Robert

2018 Dodge Stealth Convertible Side Model Wheels

2018 Dodge Stealth Machines, Colors, Price and Release Date – This new car from Dodge is coming with the new series; Dodge Stealth. What are you waiting for this new series form Dodge? You will be provided with more than just a powerfull engine but also the nice and modern designs. To make it more powerfull, this car also come with the new modern features inside the cabin as well.

2018 Dodge Stealth Power

Talking about the power means also talking about the engine of this new car from Dodge. The new series Stealth series is coming with the new engine and power. The new engine will be able to make more than a hundreds horsepower as well. The new tranmission will also good for most people and driver in many road conditions. Power may become the nice things, the car power is suitable for new drivers even the pros. By this engine, this car can absolutely hit the road for your ordinary driving and adventures as well. Open the link for 2018 Honda Civic.

2018 Dodge Stealth Designs

2018 Dodge Stealth Apple Carplay Interior New Model

More review about this car is also about the reviews for the designs as well. This car will come with the new high quality material for the exterior body. Something that we can call it with the futuristic designs. This new Dodge provides the new premium material quality that will look modern and nice. More than that, it also has the new design for the grille. It also has some new touch for the headlamps and taillights. The wheelbase is also improved and will be able to bring more comfortness for your best driving moments.The design is nice and suitable for more people for both young and adults. For more car open the page for 2016 Cadillac CTS V.

2018 Dodge Stealth Interior

The Interior of 2018 dodge Stealth is look so deluxe, luxurious and also modern at the same time. It use the best material for cabin set as well. It use the best material upholstery for the seats material. It also better with the new design for the shiftknob inside the cabin and also the new steering wheel. While you enjoy the  comfortness inside the car, all passenggers can also enjoy the the multimedia inside the cabin such as the music player, speaker sets, and another multimedia features. It’s all is worth to be bough for. You can enjoy it all inside the car that also has the new air conditions. Check also the update for 2016 Dodge Vipers. 

2018 Dodge Stealth Price and Release Date

Then, now we will move to the new information about the price and release Date. The official announcment for this car has not yet announce but this car may will be coming in the market in around late of 2018 and in the early for 2018. This car may cost in around $30,000 for the very base model and can reach more price for the next level trims as well.

2018 Dodge Stealth Photo Gallery

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2018 Dodge Stealth Machines, Colors, Price and Release Date