New 2016 Ford Ranger Usa Price And Release Date

Thursday, September 10th 2015. Ford
By Gede Kurnia

New 2016 Ford Ranger UsaNew 2016 Ford Ranger Usa Price And Release Date – When it comes to smaller truck, then probably Ford Ranger is the right answer for all; and now good news is, the 2016 Ford Ranger USA is on the way to make its appearance. Then, the next question to ask is maybe about the specs this smaller truck will come out with. Many car enthusiasts, or precisely truck enthusiasts, will surely be eager to know what this truck is good at.

2016 Ford Ranger Usa Model Update

As rumor has it, there are probably already so many images of the new 2016 Ford Ranger Usa which is being examined. This makes truck enthusiasts are excited to welcome this great truck to come to America. Further, it is also said that the truck will come out with a great point on the engine as well as fuel efficiency. Moreover, the redesign is said to cover the exterior as well.

2016 Ford Ranger Usa Interior

Some details about the interior on the new Ford Ranger are finally leaked. The US-based Ranger is said to be smaller than that in other parts of the world. This truck will come with leather upholstery on the inside. Even though the cabin will not be as grand as that in the F-150, Ford still attempts to make it complete with high quality materials. In addition to it, optional 8-inch touch screen featuring navigation system will also available for top-level models.

2016 Ford Ranger Usa Engine

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, then what is under the hood will become such a vital part to consider. Powering the Ford Ranger 2016 is a standard 2.2L four cylinder. It is estimated that this powerful engine will be able to deliver up to 160 horsepower. Another diesel engine option is the 3.2L five cylinder engine which pumps up to 200 horsepower. There is also the only petrol engine available. That is the 2.5L engine that is predicted to deliver 165 horsepower.

2016 Ford Ranger Usa Price

Many car enthusiasts are waiting for the 2016 Ford Ranger to finally be available on sale. As for how much it costs, it is predicted to start at more or less $20,000 up to $40,000.

2016 Ford Ranger Usa Release Date

Though it has not been officially launched in the United States, Ford still seems to have the will to examine the Ranger USA in America. Regarding when the time is, it still remains unknown. However, truck enthusiasts are hoping that the new Ford Ranger Usa will surely be a dream comes true. 2016 Buick Enclave

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New 2016 Ford Ranger Usa Price And Release Date