The new 2017 Honda Lineup will Boost the Honda Sales in North America Market

Tuesday, July 21st 2015. Honda
By Gede Kurnia

2017 Honda S2000 silver colors2017 Honda Lineup – The last three years, Honda Company has tried to win the North America market by investing around 3 billion US dollars. Why? Since for Honda, the North America market is one of the greater market for its business. Honda already has a US factories and expanding by building another factory in Mexico at the beginning of this year to produce the Fit hatchback and small SUV. With this new factory, it is expected that the export of these cars will increase to 200 thousand a year. Honda is not the only Japanese car automaker that invest for the North America market since the other Japanese car automaker also build their factories in US such as Toyota and Nissan.

The 2017 Honda Cars Sales is Expected to Pick Up

It seems like that for the US market, the North America has been the biggest market for Honda cars where the Honda sales reach 40% in that market. Just like we all know that in US itself, since there are so many competitors that also compete in the US market, the demand for the Honda car has declined include the well known Accord and Odyssey. It is luckily that the sales in the North America stay strong although so many competitors from Honda offering discounts and other incentives.

By releasing the 2017 BMW lineup, the Honda Company expected to pick up it sales. Actually the effort to increase the sales for the US market and Europe market has been done since the 2015 Honda lineup with the release of the Fit and the Vezel which is the first crossover SUV.

Fresh Model from the 2017 BMW Lineup Will Boost the Market Share

It is said that the Honda Company is planning to increase their sales up to 28% for the annual sales volume between 2015 sales to 2018 sales that above the average rate of the car industry which is 23%. Even though the sales in the US. Japan and Europe market decline one because of the financial condition of those countries, but the sale has been increasing up to 11% this year. Honda pipeline for their three years plans include their greatest cars such as 2015 Honda Acura TLX sedan from the 2015 Honda car series, 2016 Honda Pilot SUV from the 2016 Honda car series, and the new Honda Odyssey minivan from the 2017 Honda car series.

New 2017 Honda S2000

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The new 2017 Honda Lineup will Boost the Honda Sales in North America Market